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Tailor made digital marketing campaigns that make you visible to your customers

Are you a small local business, or a service provider with consultant services dealing with B2B/B2C, then we can help you get up top regarding your customers.

For small or large budgets!

Get success with online marketing of your business through successful and thoroughly tested strategies, for example: Google Ads and Facebook Ads- campaigns, that can lead customers to your business in the form of telephone calls, email or contact-form inquiries, and always within an effective budget!

If you engage in a partnership with us, you additionally get



When you work with us, you get a dedicated partner who has a proven track record of helping clients succeed on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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Increase in turnover
+ 0 kr

For about two years, The Online Gurus have been helping get inquiries via Google Ads. Among other things, this has meant that we have grown by 100% from 2020 to 2022. And that’s why we won the Gazelle award once. Therefore, we can only recommend The Online Gurus to others who want to get more enquiries through online advertising and Google Ads.

Jannick Sloth
CEO of

Increase in Conversion Rate
+ 0 %

Since we started working with The Online Gurus, our total conversions have increased by 90.0%. The click-through rate has increased by 205.2%. While the price has fallen by 21.5 %.

Jesper Bender
of NPInvestor

Price Pr. Contact
0 kr

I can only recommend The Online Gurus for their follow-up and commitment. They show great insight in optimizing websites and visibility on Google, and then at quite reasonable prices.

Bjørn Sørensen
Owner of OneMobility


Our prices below are guiding, but always without any form of long bindings, simply current month and 30 days termination of services, based on a hourly price of 90€.

Google Ads

From 190€
(190€) Payment per month
  • Adjusting tracking & tracing
  • Optimization of campaigns
  • Bid adjustment & bidding strategy
  • Optimization of ads & extensions
  • Ongoing support via. email, phone or online meetings

Facebook Ads

From 190€
(190€) Payment per month
  • Adjusting tracking & tracing
  • Optimization of campaigns
  • Adjusting targeting & audiences
  • Optimization of ads & creatives
  • Ongoing support via. email, phone or online meetings

We are a Google Partner

When you partner with us, you get a number of benefits, as we partner with Google. Read about these benefits here.

We are a Google Partner

Read more about which platforms we work with. use to make yourself visible to your customers, and through which you get website traffic.

Google Search Campaigns

Since you are looking for leads/referrals, it is essential that you rank as high as possible in the search results for relevant searches on the Google search network.

We help you with…

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google ads søgekampagner
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Tracking and target audiences

The fundament for all online marketing builds upon what we can track on your website in the form of events a user can perform, that have a value and effect on your business It is usually telephone-clicks, email-clicks and tracking of contact-form submissions.

We help you with…

Google Display & Youtube

If you want to be in front of your users across the Google network, you can also take advantage of banners and video advertising.

We help you with…

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Facebook Ads & Instagram

Remember to close the entire user journey by also leveraging the potential of Facebook Ads, especially retargeting.

We help you with…


Get answers on any question you as a customer may have, with regards to online marketing.

Our guidance hourly rate is 708 DKK (95€) VAT excluded (reverse charge).

Our contracts are non-binding, just continuous month +30 days notice.

Normally we send you an invoice via Stripe. But if you wish, we can also send a manual invoice.

It is registered in Spain.

We work exclusively with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Yes, we can, but through a skilled and trustworthy partner.