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Danish webshop selling products for home and kitchen.


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Setup & Strategy

We started by adjusting the tracking on the page. We needed to make sure the value she was selling matched the value in Google Ads. In addition, we set up dynamic values in Google Tag Manager, which ensured that she collected all relevant information about the users who visited her site.

We created a new Google shopping feed for her, so her products had all the relevant attributes, which is important for good performance on Google Ads. We also adjusted her titles in the feed to make them stand out as much as possible.

We've set up some search campaigns for her that bid on her brand name, but also on other relevant search terms. In particular, we found that one of her brands was selling particularly well, so we focused most of her budget on advertising it.

We started by running smart shopping for her, which worked really well. We continually adjusted campaigns to remove products that weren't converting. And in the run-up to Christmas, when she was selling extremely well, we adjusted the budget to increase her turnover significantly.

Ongoing Optimizations

We have continuously removed irrelevant search terms from her search campaigns so that her ads only appeared on relevant searches. In addition, we found new relevant searches that we have bid on and which have also brought her sales.

About Smart Shopping, we advertised for all her products as a start but we continually excluded those products and categories that didn't give her a good ROAS.

The Online Gurus have really helped me and my business grow. I especially made good money in the run-up to Christmas, when The Online Gurus helped me scale my campaigns. I can easily recommend The Online Gurus to other webshops that also want to grow their online advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Ann-Sofie Munk Hansen

Owner of

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Increased ROAS

We can only recommend The Online Gurus because they have done a huge and great job for our business. We are a relatively new webshop, and in the last 3 years, we have not been able to find the right solution with our marketing.

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Hubert Andrzejewski
Owner of Æ

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My webshops have had a tumultuous existence with Google Ads help from various agencies, but after I transferred the task to The Online Gurus, everything runs like clockwork. Sales are booming and I’m busy serving customers, packing and doing the books.

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Mai-Britt Vaqué
Owner of

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Price Pr. Contact

I can only recommend The Online Gurus for their follow-up and commitment. They show great insight in optimizing websites and visibility on Google, and then at quite reasonable prices.

Bjørn Sørensen
Owner of OneMobility

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Increase in Conversion Rate

Since we started working with The Online Gurus, our total conversions have increased by 90.0%. The click-through rate has increased by 205.2%. While the price has fallen by 21.5 %.

Jesper Bender
of NPInvestor

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Working with The Online Gurus has helped us get our Google advertising under control. The people behind it are skilled experts, and their approach is friendly and user-friendly, so you always feel on top of things.

Anders Knudsen
CEO for