Meet The Online Gurus

The Online Gurus was founded in 2018 by two digital geeks, Dariusz and Niels, who both used to work for Google. Now they help clients get the most out of Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Dariusz is a multilingual online guru who speaks fluent Danish, English, Polish and Spanish. He has his sales hat on with experience from several different IT companies and startups, where he has helped with sales and marketing from ERP systems to plugin solutions. Today, he's The Online Guru's geek with his hands deep in Google Ads and customer sales, where he handles everything from strategy to executing campaigns online.

Niels is the guru of the Danish language. He has previously worked as a writing journalist for several newspapers and has also founded a sustainability magazine called Balancee. After journalism, Niels found online marketing and immediately fell in love. He has been involved in a Danish startup where he worked with SEO, later moved to Spain to work with Google Ads, and now he is co-founder of The Online Gurus.

The Online Gurus
- not like the others

Are you tired of big agencies just taking your money?

Do you just get an invoice every month, without any growth?

Then it’s time you try working with The Online Gurus.

With us, you’re not just a number in a spreadsheet, you’re a unique customer that we’ll do everything we can to grow through online advertising.

100% transparency

We are always open about what we do once we have entered into a collaboration. This means we will never bill you for hours we haven't spent working for you. Plus, if we can't deliver results for you, we'll tell you so you don't pay for something that doesn't work.

No long contracts

We are always flexible, so if you want to stop working with us, we will. This way you can be sure that your hands and feet are not tied for months or even years. However, we recommend that we work together for at least 3 months so that we have time to set up your online marketing channels, let them run for some time, and deliver a handover to you so that you can continue on your own in the future. We only have 30 days' notice + current month.

Tailor-made hourly packages

When we work with you, we always create a tailor-made hourly package to suit your needs. This means you only pay for what you need to pay for, so you can be successful with online marketing. Our indicative hourly rate is 90€ pr. hour.

Ongoing contact

The only form of contact you have with us is not just an email with the monthly invoice. We'll keep in touch with you, either by email, phone or online meetings. So you're always in the know about what we're working on. And you can give us feedback on our work.

We are a Google Partner

When you partner with us, you get a number of benefits, as we partner with Google. Read about these benefits here.